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Missing an invoice? Here is what to check for



  • Annalou Montellano

    Please review my missing invoice from January 26 to 31- 2023      ...thank

  • Sefiatu Amiebenomo

    Hello, please help me, I try to submit my invoice and I keep getting this error
    You cannot submit this until your account has been setup with our payment provider. Within your welcome emails there were instructions on how to setup your an account with our payment provider. If you have already done this, please allow us some time to confirm your account is in place. Any questions about this can be sent to our finance team.
    Please assist. Thanks

  • Estelita Escoto

    My invoice record is 48:29:35 but in your record is 17hours and 37seconds . How come that my srt user metrics is wrong? Since December my record in srt user metrics time is not valid?

  • Iliana Ines Cabarcas Gutierrez

    buenas tardes , 

    me han quedado debiendo horas e hice el reclamo y no me responden  .

    aqui labore 28 horas y solo me pagaron 17 horas 17 minutos 

    aqui reporte que trabaje 40 horas y solo me pagaron 11 horas 27 minutos 

  • Sufiad99

    Right idea at right time

  • Marnellene Emban


    I am asking about our invoice in Cuddihy project is Missing it's not only me, it's all the people that work on cuddihy. This was happen March 30,2023.

    Hoping that this will be solve asap because we need to submit it before April 6,2023 so that we can have our payment.

    marnellene emban

  • Aaron James Buensalida

    Please review my missing invoice from march 17 to 27, 2023 . Thank you

  • Mohamed Ibrahim



    I completed the tasks in the links sent to my email on 31/3/2023. However, I did not find the amount of this work in the invoice for April month.

    I am looking for your reply.

    Thank you

  • MD Kaziul islam

    Please payment method Payoneer.I am Bangladesi please payment method Payonneer


  • Janisse Leclerc

    I have an issue on SRT User Metrics with the 2 projects I'm working on, resulting in wrong time displayed, very high RPH and many unpaid hours. Despite all the tickets I sent since February, nothing is done to fix it and to pay what you owe to me...

  • Cristiane Arruda
    Please I need some help.
    The invoice for the month of April is missing three days of work:
    04/22/2023 - 0h:59min
    04/24/2023 - 1h5min
    04/26/2023 - 1h9min
  • Jobelle Abo

    yes started april 20 to april 30 invoice is missing

  • Eliana Miller

    I have missing invoice for hours I worked on,... since the month of February.

  • Divyanshu Sharma

    Pls help my invoice amount is missing !!

    from 1st may to 31st may 2023


  • Niranjan Acharya

    My invoice amount from 05/01/2023 to 05/31/2023 is missing. Will you please help me to see it in the 'my invoices' section by tomorrow?

  • Mahmoud Othman

    I miss invoices from 4/30/2023 to 5/27/2023, I need help please

  • Tushar Ghosh

    Pls help my invoice amount is missing !!

    from 1st may to 31st may 2023

  • Victoriaedem34

    Please my invoice from 1st to 31st May isn't available what do I do? How do I get my payment?

  • Natasha Pashouros

    I’m still waiting for a response from you re: missing invoices for the last 2 weeks on my account. Can you please respond to my ticket 1709899?


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