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Missing an invoice? Here is what to check for



  • Annalou Montellano

    Please review my missing invoice from January 26 to 31- 2023      ...thank

  • Sefiatu Amiebenomo

    Hello, please help me, I try to submit my invoice and I keep getting this error
    You cannot submit this until your account has been setup with our payment provider. Within your welcome emails there were instructions on how to setup your an account with our payment provider. If you have already done this, please allow us some time to confirm your account is in place. Any questions about this can be sent to our finance team.
    Please assist. Thanks

  • Estelita Escoto

    My invoice record is 48:29:35 but in your record is 17hours and 37seconds . How come that my srt user metrics is wrong? Since December my record in srt user metrics time is not valid?

  • Iliana Ines Cabarcas Gutierrez

    buenas tardes , 

    me han quedado debiendo horas e hice el reclamo y no me responden  .

    aqui labore 28 horas y solo me pagaron 17 horas 17 minutos 

    aqui reporte que trabaje 40 horas y solo me pagaron 11 horas 27 minutos 

  • Sufiad99

    Right idea at right time


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